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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which materials are classed as "chapter 8 compliant"?

A. Whilst there are two grades of the retro-reflective red that are classed as compliant the current recommendations specify the use of a fluorescent yellow for all vehicles; therefore, all PVL kits are supplied using a fluorescent yellow material combined with one of the two acceptable grades of red material. Whilst the two grades of red material (prismatic and engineering grades) are classed as compliant, the chapter 8 recommendations do state that you should use the "best material available" which is the prismatic grade. Therefore, whilst we can supply engineering grade kits, PVL always recommend the use of the prismatic grade red material.

Q. What markings do I need?

A. Please see our Chapter 8 Guide for full details on the requirements laid down in the Chapter 8 regulations of the Traffic Signs Manual published by the Department for Transport. But in essence, all vehicles working on, or near, the UK highways, should have:
  • Markings which cover as much of the rear-facing portion of the vehicle as possible without obscuring windows, vehicle lighting or registration plates.
  • Red retro-reflective tape applied to all rear facing edges of open doors, guardrails and equipment lockers.
  • In addition, if the vehicle is not white or yellow, it should have a retro-reflective yellow side stripe applied that is at least 50mm wide.

Q. My vehicle isn't listed, can I still get markings?

A. Yes. We have over 2,500 kits on our database and we are continually updating and increasing the range of vehicles that are available to order online. If there is not a kit showing for your vehicle please call the office on 01444 258 980 and provide the make, model and year of registration so that we can check our complete database for you. In addition, PVL also offer a templating service which is available upon request.

Q. How do I apply the markings to my vehicle?

A. Fitting vehicle graphics is not the same as fitting a car sticker therefore PVL always recommends that you use an experienced vehicle graphics fitter. At the time of ordering we can arrange for the fitting to be completed either by our team of in-house fitters or through our network of approved fitters.

Q. How should I care for the graphics once applied?

A. The chapter 8 kit will need to be washed down occasionally as chapter 8 recommends; however, be very wary of using a power washer as this can result in the material being removed from the vehicle if you are not careful. PVL always recommend the use of soap and water applied with a sponge as this reduced the risk of damaging the graphics.

Q. I am not content applying the kit, can I bring the vehicle(s) to you?

A. Of course. We have our own fitting bay and team of experienced vehicle graphics fitters and can arrange fitting for an additional charge. Simply contact our office and we can arrange a suitable time and date for the fitting to be completed.

We also offer onsite fitting but will need the vehicle(s) to be in a workshop or dry, undercover area with the vehicles in a clean condition.

Q. What are your carriage charges?

A. Our standard carriage charge is £12.50 plus VAT per order. If your order value is more than £400.00 plus VAT the carriage is free of charge.

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