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Terms and conditions / About our kits...

  1. Kits are priced using alternate panels of either prismatic grade red or engineering grade red material with non-reflective fluorescent yellow materials and are supplied taped together for ease of fitment. Upon request, other materials are available; however, please note that lighting regulations do not permit non-emergency service use of conspicuity materials under most circumstances.
  2. If your vehicle is not specifically listed, please contact us with full details of your vehicle(s) and your requirement, together with a picture of the vehicle to aid identification of specific model details.
  3. Fitting is not included, but is available at our, or your premises; please enquire for details and cost.
  4. If you have larger quantities of vehicles, or a range of requirements, please email us and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide competitive bulk pricing.

"rear with no windows" means our kit is for a vehicle without rear windows and will be supplied WITH panels to cover the full rear.

"rear with windows" means our kit is for a vehicle with rear windows and will be supplied WITHOUT panels to cover the window blanks.

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