Easy guide to Chapter 8 vehicle markings

2nd June 2021

This guide to Chapter 8 vehicle markings will help you understand the Chapter 8 legal status and make sure to know what are your requirements.

Even if Chapter 8 is not legislation, by not complying with these guidelines you are leaving yourself open to potential legal action should an accident happen involving your vehicles.

These markings should cover as much of the rear facing portion of the vehicle as possible without obscuring windows, vehicle lighting or registration plates.

Other Chapter 8 vehicle markings requirements

Maintenance text

In addition, maintenance vehicles will need “HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE” text.

“MOTORWAY MAINTENANCE” may be used instead when working on motorways only.

This text must be a minimum of 70mm high for temporary traffic management vehicles and 140mm for all other vehicles carrying personnel or equipment.

ECE-104 marking tape

A strip of micro-prismatic grade material that is a minimum of 50mm wide must be fitted along either side of vehicle whilst red retroreflective tape shall also be applied to all rear facing edges of open doors, guardrails and equipment lockers.

Additional visibility markings

Where rear facing high visibility markings may be obscured by any device mounted on the vehicle (e.g. lorry-mounted crash cushion (LMCC) or cone laying adaptation), additional high visibility rear markings shall be applied to any face of the device which is displayed to the rear and other road users.

Chapter 8 guide

Vehicle Chevrons have produced a guide that condenses the Chapter 8 documentation in a downloadable PDF file.

REMA guidelines

In addition to this, Vehicle Chevrons have worked as part of REMA (Retroreflective Equipment Manufacturers Association) to produce a more “in-depth” document to provide guidance regarding Chapter 8 vehicle markings.

The guide has been recently updated (May 2021). The original document can be viewed on the REMA website and is duplicated on VehicleChevrons.com. Find more about the increased material performance requirements in the dedicated post.

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