Which material grade is best for you? A Guide to Chapter 8 kits

4th June 2021

What are the things to consider when buying a ‘Chapter 8 kit’? Here’s an easy guide to help you navigate the available options on Vehicle Chevrons to choose the Chapter 8 kit suitable to your needs, whilst making you and your vehicle/s safe on the road.

Engineering grade

A cost effective solution for vehicles which do not need to meet Chapter 8 compliance. This is recommended only for stopping on roads under 40mph.

Prismatic grade

This combination meets Chapter 8 compliance (class R3B) and provides high retro-reflectivity. The prismatic red material is edge-sealed during production for maximum durability.

High performance prismatic grade

This is our premium offering, combining the best performing products for both retro-reflectivity (3M Diamond Grade) and daytime fluorescent life (Oracal 7710). The Diamond Grade material is edge-sealed during production for maximum durability

Material specification

Vehicle Chevrons Chapter 8 kits are manufactured with materials supplied from all major manufacturers, and all are approved for highways markings, meeting the requirements of ECE104 and Chapter 8.


Available assembled or for self-assembly.

  • Assembled: panels are supplied as alternate panels of material with panels taped together in sections ready for application.
  • Self-assembly/DIY: Panels are supplied as alternate panels of material. Please note this is a Self-Assembly kit and the panels will be in number order within the packet (red and yellow separately stacked) but will not come taped together.  We recommend using a table or other flat surface to tape individual sections together prior to commencing the application of the kit.

Flooded (solid yellow backing)

Solid panels of fluorescent yellow are supplied, with red panels supplied to be fitted on top.
Please note that the red panels do not come pre-applied to the yellow.


Kit is supplied with panels fitted to magnetic backing.

Please note some pieces shown on magnetic kits may not be suitable for your vehicle. Some vehicles have plastic or composite panels and although our kit may include these areas, the magnetic sheet will not stick to these areas.

chapter 8 half height kit

Half height

Half height is the standard coverage for cars, but it may be used also on vans.
This coverage only covers the lower part of the rear, leaving the windows and the edges of the windows uncovered, but still providing excellent reflective visibility.

chapter 8 full height glazed kit

Full height glazed

Find it on the shop as ‘excluding window panels’.

Full height glazed covers the entirely the rear of the vehicle, leaving the windows free.
This coverage gives extra visibility to make sure the vehicle is clearly identifiable by other road users.

chapter 8 full height kit

Full height

Full height coverage provides maximum visibility at all times and is available for vans.
These kits cover the whole available area of the rear including the windows, and are especially useful for high roof vans to make sure the whole area of the rear is visible to other road users.

The most coverage the vehicle has, the more visible and safe on the road it is.

Our shop

With an established library of existing vehicle templates we can quickly supply Chapter 8 kits for most vehicles.
Can’t find the kit you need? Call us at 01444 258980 or email us at sales@pvluk.com to discuss your requirements.

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