What do ECE R10 and ECE R65 mean?

10th February 2022

Understand what ECE R10 and ECE R65 mean for you light products and know which of our amber light products are ECE approved.

What does “ECE” mean?

Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) is what it stands for, and it aims to create a uniform system of regulations relating to vehicle design. Products which are compliant with ECE regulations receive an e-Mark, a mandatory requirement. By attaching the “e-Mark” to a product, automotive distributors and manufacturers can trade their products freely within the EEA (European Economic Area). The “e” mark MUST be displayed on any and all approved R10 and R65 products.

What does R10 mean?

The requirements of ECE R10 cover the protection of the driver, passengers, and other road users from radiated and conducted disturbances that can be emitted from the light products. Means that electronic device’s ability to operate in an electric environment without interfering with other electronic devices and without being interfered by other devices in its area.

Products we are selling that are R10 approved: Square 4-WAY LED lamp , Zephyr 3-Way/6way LED, Pop-a-light Covert LED

What does R65 mean?

ECE R65 is design to ensure that certain key standards governing light output, colour, light dispersion and flash frequency are adhered to. Heat resistance, water ingress and cold start are also measured. ECE R65 are tested under laboratory conditions so, every beacon, light bar or directional lamp is tested for light intensity and light dispersion to meet set ECE conditions.

Products we are selling that are R65 approved: Xtreme Slim 6-Way LED, Corner LED, B14 Atom LED Beacon, Stealth Reg Plate – Flexible and others.

You will find both R10 + R65 approved on our shop meaning you can be assured that we will supply you with certified/approved light products for your vehicles allowing you to be safe on the roads.

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