Safety-enhancing vehicle accessories: To keep you safe on the roads

22nd September 2022

We offer a variety of chevron kits and accessories to ensure your vehicle is visible on the roads.

Side Stripes: For greater visibility on the roads

Side stripes are that extra protection that makes you more visible on the roads. They help to prevent accidents by making vehicles more visible at night. Here at, we sell highly reflective side stripes in a range of lengths from 10m to 20m+. You can choose adhesive or magnetic tapes for your vans, trucks, trailers, or car.

Side stripes

Amber lighting: Presence on the roads

Amber light on vehicle

Any vehicle stopping regularly on a busy road is required to have an amber light installed. This raises awareness of the presence of the vehicle making road users aware of your vehicle.
We provide a large selection of amber lights for many different vehicles out on the roads.

Door edging: Maximum visibility

When a car door is opened with reflective door edging, the car door can be seen. It is custom-made to fit different contours of any vehicle to ensure visibility and safety.

Tesla Door Shut

At, Our shop offers a wide range of pre-cut rear chevron kits along with side stripe, door edging material and other accessories. Each kit is available with or without text built into it and, prior to dispatch, we can assemble the panels to save you time when fitting.

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