How to meet Chapter 8 requirements: materials specification and kits

30th June 2021

With the multiple documents, specifications and guidelines to be considered when deploying reflective safety markings on vehicles, and with a wide range of products available it can be confusing to choose the right material for your Chapter 8 kits.

What material do you need?

The choice between Engineering Grade and Prismatic for your Chapter 8 kit depends on the type of vehicle and on what roads it will be used on. Read our guide to Chapter 8 kits to find out what material is best for your needs.

Aura Optical Systems

Engineering Grade

We manufacture kits from Aura 112 Engineering Grade red coupled with Aura 139 Fluorescent yellow.

For use on roads under 40mph only.

Avery Dennison

Prismatic grade

We manufacture kits from Avery T6508 red (confirmed to be class R3B compliant) coupled with Aura 139 Fluorescent yellow.

For use on roads over 40mph.

High Performance Prismatic Grade

We manufacture kits from 3M Diamond Grade red coupled with Oracal 7710 Fluorescent yellow.

For use on roads over 40mph.

Compliance with increased standards

Vehicle Chevrons use class R3B compliant materials, in line with the latest REMA guide for Chapter 8 update. Find more about the increased material performance requirements in the dedicated post.

Templating service

We supply hundreds of Chapter 8 kits on our website for all major vehicle manufacturers, but we understand that some models might be missing. If you can’t find what you are looking for, call our office or fill the contact form. Our team will be happy to arrange a professional templating to create and supply the kit for your vehicle.

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